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Cv de translator/ interpreter

translator Italian-French-English/ interpreter Italian-French-Italian United Kingdom (preferably)- Belgium- Italy (Abruzzo)

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Date of last connection: 2015-12-15

Mrs Se... B...

1030 Bruxelles

Current situation:

Current position:

Current industry:

Total working experience:

Job sought:

Desired type of contract:

Positions: translator/ interpreter, PA, communication officer

Industry: fashion,jewellery, cinema,etc., ,

Available as of: within a week

Desired salary: 50000-60000 Eur


Education level / Diplomas:

Other training courses :
11/2007 Basic VOIP technology and Routing/Switching CISCO (Technofutur 3, Charleroi )
01/2004 – 01/2007 Postgraduate (Centre Européen de Traduction Littéraire [ Brussels )
Literary Specialized translation in Italian - French
09 - 10/2005
10 - 12/2005 Communication ( Bruxelles Formation )
Company Management
(Company accounting, business plan, mission statement, HR, marketing, financial management, etc.)
03 - 08/2005
11/2001-01/2002 XML,SQL and Oracle (Vocational trainings, Technofutur 3, Charleroi )
Dreamweaver, 6.0, Linux/Unix, Networks and TCP/IP
1997-1998 Visual Basic computer programmer ( Brussels)
1988-1995 Translators and interpreters university (Cooremans/ISTI)
In French-Italian-English
1980-1987 O-Levels and A-Levels (Institut Sainte-Marie, Brussels)
in languages, mathematics and computing
1981-1983 O-Levels (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brussels)
in Italian

computing skills

Office soft packages : Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc.
Programming : HTML,Visual Basic, some XML/Oracle/SQL
Operating system : 95/98/2000/XP/NT Windows
Various software : Dreamweaver, EasyPhp, Photoshop, Flash,…


- Keep fit: jogging, Kung Fu (10 years + 2-year teacher), gymnastics (3 years)
- About fifteen puzzles (from 1000 to 12000 pieces)
- Reading (lexis, computing) and PC technician (5 years in a computing club & computer repairman).
- Cooking, dancing, music, movies (one-year diction/declamation lessons).
- Passed auxiliary tests and European civil servant A level 6-hour tests (75%)

Divers :


read, written, spoken: Italian : mother tongue (+Dialects) French : mother tongue English : fluent Dutch : moderate smattering German : basic

understood: Italian : mother tongue (+Dialects) French : mother tongue English : fluent



Département Mobile

Region: Mobile

Country: Royaume-Uni


Mrs Se... B...


1030 Bruxelles


Interpreter/Translator/Journalist/Project Assistant Manager Fr. – Ita. (En.) - Coltivatori Diretti Tollo (Italy) 1999 – 2001
 Investigation,interviews,document editing,translation, weekly reports: marketing of wine.
 Tour interpreter in Belgium, Luxembourg and France;
Translator/Teacher & Project Assistant Manager English – French / (Italian) - Dynamic Job Service (Brussels) 1996 - 1997
 Translation: regarding the marketing of prefabricated houses in Manila;
 Teacher and how-to-do tricks in computing
Freelance activities Italian - French / (English) 2004 - 2009
 Interpretation/Translation: Italians visiting Belgium-located companies (marketing, IT
,engineering, scientific, doctors’ and lawyers’ Italian customers, other translators, caterer, restaurant).
 Some teaching : languages, basic computing and computer troubleshooting/helpdesk.


Archivist Manager and Assistant Manager - European Commission 2002 – 2003
 Optimization of archives rooms and archiving process;
 Searching, checking and input of mail, and updating and archiving of files.
 Translator/writer/corrector of mail in Italian (French and some English)
Technician/logistical support Assistant Officer - European Commission 2000 – 2001
Logistical part : arrangement of conferences rooms and distribution of documents.
Technical part : installation, troubleshooting of computer devices and several
adjustments (Lights, micro, interpreting booths, …)
Versatile employee and Team Leader - Mobistar (Brussels) 1998 – 1999
 Activation of new mobile subscribers, help desk.
 Team Leader : ● training and supervision a dozen people;
● mobile activation of V.I.P. subscribers and big companies.


Versatile Auditing Clerk – European Commission 2003
 Joint management of research contracts agreed with various bodies;
 Audit of peoples’ identities and of companies (bank and financial statement,…)
Computer resources managing Clerk – European Commission 2002
 A daily inventory on the spot and report of all computer technology equipment;
 Stock check, data base updating.
Information and Documents Distribution Clerk - European Commission / E.P. 2001
 Unloading, transportation, unpacking, sorting out and arrangement of documents.
 Reception/information desk, guide and distribution of leaflets.
Italian and English Call Agent - European Commission EU Japan Center 1999
A training on Asian trading is offered to senior executives of European companies.

Cover letter

Mrs Se... B...

1030 Bruxelles

Translator Italian-French-English/ interpreter Italian-French-Italian United Kingdom (preferably)- Belgium- Italy (Abruzzo)

Dear Madam or Sir,

Let me inform you how delighted I feel to apply in such a large and commanding Company of yours, which I understand, accepts only potential candidates.

Such a challenging position entails my all-round skills being called upon :
- several positions to the European Institutions and some European affairs expertise (Passed European civil servant A-level 6-hour exams in French, Italian and English, marked about 75 %) will enable to better comprehend the s wheels and issues;
- 5-year Interpreter/translator experience along with techniques acquired in communication and 3-year post-graduate literary translation trainings would contribute to a more attractive and effective communication;
- in-depth trainings in web technology, hardware and some programming would lead me up to indirectly optimize the lay-outs and contents on your website, and therefore the interactivity and user-friendliness.
- managerial activities credit me with a sharp sense of organization and analytical mind, innate interpersonal capacities as a team-player, and with a persistent, rigorous, autonomous and dynamic nature, of which qualities I wish henceforth to make the most in the heart of an ambitious and stimulating team of yours.
- my project assistant manager positions as well as over 10 years of kung fu (wu-shu) and athletics background whence inspiration, stress resistance, zen and problem-solving attitude may be drawn for an innovative approach.

Which skills I would be glad they turned profitable to breathe new energy sources into your company.
I Remain.
        Yours truly

Mrs Se... B...

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